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  • vegetable-tanned leather
  • chrome-tanned leather
  • combined tanned leather

whole hides – either naturally or aniline tanned

half hides, backs, butts, shoulders -
natural, aniline dyed or finished.

Dog leads: backs or butts up to 4.5 mm from very firm to soft handle aniline-dyed and finished to the customer’s requirements chrome-fat- leather, a very supple chrome-tanned leather with a high fat content to reach a good resistance to water (Waterproof)
Equestrian sport leather:seat leater and panel sides combined-tanned or vegetable-tanned, aniline dyed and finished to the customer’s requirements
flap butts,
sweat flaps
harness leather
Belt leather: shoulders or backs, vegetable-tanned, processed according to customer requirements:
  • aniline dyed
  • pull up
  • embossed
Upholstery leather: vegetable-tanned furniture vachettes, naturally or aniline dyed

Leather for technical leather goods, bridle leather, vegetabile tanned upper leather, chrome strap leather